There are 2 steps to the setup process of the nextINTERACT app.

STEP 1: Download the nextINTERACT app

1. Please make sure your iPad is connected to the internet

2. Open the App Store and search for ‘nextinteract’ as one word

3. Select to purchase and download the app. It’s free to download. This will then install onto your mobile device.

STEP 2: Login and download content

The second part is to login and download the assets onto your main library.

TIP: You will receive an email from INTERACT Technology to activate your account and specify a password of your choice. Please follow the instructions in the email.

1. Account Verification

To enable you to download your assets you need to first verify your account which is done through the [Home] tab.

2. Assets Download/Updates

Updating and downloading assets and resources is done through the [Updates] tab.

TIP: Please refer to the nextINTERACT User Guide contained within the app, to find out how to customise the look of your nextINTERACT app and read more about the app’s features and functionalities.


Do download a PDF version of the nextINTERACT Setup Guide, please follow the link below.