Once you have entered sample categories in SAM you can add samples. This is done as per the below:

NOTE: BEFORE adding a sample you will need to have at least one sample category configured before adding a sample.

Sample details include 

  • Sample Product Code: The product code
  • Sample Product Name: The name of the product
  • Is Scheduled?: This indicates if the product is a prescription medicine
  • Status: If this is an Active, Inactive or Deleted Product. When adding a new Sample, this should be set to Active.
  • Product: Your company products. These need to be entered via [Admin] > [Products/Categories]
  • Sample Category: The different product categories. Find out how these are entered here.
  • Quantity Limit: The quantity limit for this particular product
  • Formula: The formula name for this product
  • Dosage: The dosage of the product (e.g. 150ml)

In case you need to edit a sample first select the sample that you would like to modify then click on the [Edit] button.