Asset version management is an important feature to master within nextINTERACT's SAM.

1. Click [nextINTERACT]

2. Click [Assets]

3. Select your asset

4. Click [Edit]

5. Click [All Asset Versions]

6. Review different asset versions

It allows you to manage many versions of your assets over time and lists a history of assets versions associated with that particular asset. 

There is also support of a ‘Preview Mode’ to allow you to view internally before releasing to all users. Only users with the IPAD_ PREVIEW_USER_ROLE will be able to receive assets in ‘Preview Mode’ whereas users with the IPAD_USER_ROLE will only receive assets that are ‘Active’.

Further definition on these modes are:

Active: This asset version will be available to download.

Preview Mode: This leaves the asset version in preview mode and only users who have been set up as preview users will ever see this version of the asset. This feature allows you to test and review an asset version before releasing it to the entire team i.e. set the asset version status to active.

Fill in the asset version notes field, with information that is relevant to this version of the asset. Be specific, as this might be your reference later on. It is good practice to enter the exact changes or updates of this asset version.

Once the upload has completed, the asset icon will be automatically extracted from the uploaded asset version .zip file.