Once users have been set up, they must be assigned to a team (or teams) or they won’t be able to receive or view any assets within nextINTERACT.

1. Click 'nextINTERACT'

2. Click 'Distribution'

3. Click 'By Team'

4a. Click 'Add'

4b. Enter a Name

4c. Enter a Description

4d. Click 'Save'

5a. Select your team

5b. Click 'Edit'

5c. Update the name

5d. Update the Description

6. Click 'Users' to assign and unassign users

7. Click 'Assets' to assign and unassign content

8. Click 'Folders' to add and delete public and private folders

9. Click 'Save'

NOTE: Once a team has been added additional buttons to manage users, assets and folders become available.