This feature is available to nextINTERACT and myINTERACT users.

Dynamic feeds allows content in an existing asset to be edited from within SAM, without the need to update or re-upload the asset.

An asset needs to be specifically created for this purpose, but once put in place, it is easy to make updates to text, images, URLs, calendars, PDFs and much more directly from within SAM.

From a technical perspective, you need to decide what content will appear in your asset. e.g. text and an image of a daily or weekly newsletter. Once the dynamic feed to present the text and the image has been created, SAM will display the ‘feed’ information as JSON code, which can be provided to a Front-end Developer.

Once the coded asset has been uploaded to SAM, change the text and image easily at any time by editing the dynamic feed in SAM, no adjustments to the coded asset are required.