Once you have configured attribute groups, you can also update them via data import from a CSV file. Highlight [Asset Library] in the tree on the left-hand side, then click on [Update Attribute from CSV] button. Currently you can only update single-value “Text” attributes - ‘Short Text Value’ and ‘Long Text Value’.

To update multiple dynamic attribute values from a CSV file you will need to use a CSV file with the following sample format. The CSV must contain the following column names which are case-sensitive:

  • ATTRIBUTE_ID: Right-click on the attribute group in the tree on the left-hand side, then choose [Edit Attribute Group]. Locate the [Attribute Group Client Id].
  • ATTRIBUTE_NAME: This is the name of the attribute.
  • ATTRIBUTE_VALUE: This cell should contain the updated value for this attribute.

If the ATTRIBUTE_ID is not found the entire transactions is rolled-back.