1. Highlight [ASSET LIBRARIES] in the tree on the left-hand side, then click on [Add Attribute Library].

2. Enter a name for the [Asset Library], then click [Save].

3. You can now add assets to the newly created [Asset Library], by highlighting it in the tree on the left-hand side, then click on [Add].

4. Select if the asset is either public or private, where public means an URL and private means uploaded via SAM.

5. Assign this library asset a name.

6. Upload an icon to re-present this asset. This is optional.

7. Enter a description for the [Asset Library].

8. If you have chosen that this asset is public, you need to enter the URL to this asset. Otherwise, if you have chosen that this asset is private, you can click the [Upload Asset] button to chose a file from your local drive that you wish to upload to SAM. For your reference, you can download it at a later time, by clicking the [Download Asset] link.

9. Enter version notes, which describe the changes of this file compared to the previous version, if any.

10. Click the [Save] button.

11. You can now add tags for this asset. Locate and highlight the asset in the table; click on [Edit] then click on the [Assign Tags] button. Tags must be loaded