Tags can be used to group or categorise library assets or calendar events in a dynamic feed.

For example you can group your calendar events in two categories - global and local events, or you can use tags to group PDFs by product in an asset library.

To add a tag set follow the steps below

1. Click on the [Add] button in the [Tag Sets] tab.

2. Enter a name for the tag set.

3. Click the [Save] button, which enables the table for the individual tags.

4. Click the [Add] button in the [Add Tag Set] window.

5. Enter a name for the tag.

6. Enter a order number for the tag order. If you would like to specifically order your tags. You can use numbers 1,2,3,.. and so forth. Tags can be renumbered later by editing them individually.

7. There is the option to specify a colour for this tag, which can be used to visually present the group or category in your asset in the nextINTERACT or myINTERACT app.

8. Click the [Save] button.