Please note effective 1 January 2019 Oomph will no longer be supported.  

In place of Oomph, we recommend using smartPDF which is specific to the INTERACT platform, and is made up of 1+ PDFs and folders that house interactive elements like galleries, videos, HTML widgets, audio etc. 

This can be achieved with tags inserted via interactive hyperlinks in Adobe Indesign.  As SmartPDF does not work on desktop, please use HTML in this instance.

For more information on smartPDF click


PDF based format designed specifically for highly interactive content and easily created by designers.

Distinguishable features

• Highly engaging content creating a wow factor for content
• No zoom functionality so content needs to be large enough to view easily on devices

• Can incorporate video, full page image galleries, slide shows, pop-ups and animations.

• Allows sharing


• Cost effective as can be created by desktop publishers rather than developers
• Used by many lifestyle magazines for their digital publications

• No coding skills required

Case Study

Detail aids can be enhanced using Oomph. Using widgets, a detail aid for medical aesthetics was created with MOA videos, clinical papers, PIs, before and after treatment shots. Rich in content and engaging.


INTERACT Showcase wall - Interactive Program

To gain access to this sample, kindly download myINTERACT on the App Store or Google Play, sign-up for an account and scan the QR code below.