Package all the images with the INTERACT Asset Packager.


Once installed, select [Create Skin] from the menu options.

1. Give the skin a name

2. Enter an optional application start-up pin that needs to be entered on the iPad when opening the nextINTERACT app. You will need to communicate this PIN with your team.

3. Enter an optional Private Library PIN. This is to protect any private documents that might be loaded in the private library on the iPad. You will need to communicate this PIN to your team.

4. Select a shelf title colour and a colour for its shadow.

5. The option to show the About Box at Start-up is a legacy feature. Leave it unchecked.

6. Now select all the previously created artwork files

7. Click [Create Skin], which will save a skin package in format of a .zip file to your local drive.

8. Upload the .zip file to SAM under [Admin] > [Skins].

9. Inform your team to install the skin on the nextINTERACT app under [Settings] > [Skins Management]. More information on how to install the nextINTERACT skin can be found in the nextINTERACT User Guide.