**As of 1 July 2020 nextINTERACT is no longer supported as this product is being phased out**

nextINTERACT Release 5.2.7 (December 2019)

Key Features:
  • iOS 13 compatibility fixes including 'Dark Mode'
  • Smart library fixes 

nextINTERACT Release 4.8.5 (November 2018)

Key Features:

Smart Libraries are now supported in nextINTERACT, please contact your Account Manager for more information

  • Bug fixes
  • Minor Improvements

nextINTERACT Release 4.5.2 (August 2017)

Key Features:
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor Improvements

nextINTERACT Release 4.5.1 (June 2017)

Key Features:
  • iPad Pro rendering issue corrected
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor Improvements

nextINTERACT Release 4.5 (May 2017)

Key Features:

  • Private Folder functionality can be configured based upon access granted from SAM which allows users to then access specific content in nextNTERACT.

nextINTERACT Release 4.4.3 (January 2017)

Key Features:
  • Change password can now be completed within the application while you are logged in, removing the need to verify the change in an email.

nextINTERACT Release 4.3.0 (June 2016)

Key Features:
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor Improvements

 nextINTERACT Release 4.2.2 (December 2015)

Key Features:
  • iOS 9 compatible version of nextINTERACT is now available on the App store.
  • Please note iOS 7 is no longer supported.

 nextINTERACT Release 4.1.2 (July 2015)

Key Features:
  • User defined asset order is now maintained in [All folders]
  • Ability to to take notes in nextINTERACT's Settings has always existed. This feature has now been improved to have these notes to be emailed.
  • Audio reference library – a new asset type making it easy to share audio files.
  • PDFs background now show a white background rather than black.
  • Automatically clear cache between viewing HTML assets versions.
  • SmartDecks now support mandatory pages.
  • Ability to email attachments from HTML asset. 

 nextINTERACT Release 4.0.6 (December 2014)

Key Features:
  • 64bit support for improved performance on capable devices
  • improved PDF brochure support (the new PDF library supports interactive forms)
  • Oomph features and library have been upgraded
  • improved compatibility with iOS8
  • minor upgrade to various interface and usability behaviours
  • fixed a few crash issues when using the application in certain ways

 nextINTERACT Release 4.0.5 (October 2014)

Key Features:

nextINTERACT 4.0.5 is now available on the App Store 

We have updated the nextINTERACT app and it’s now compatible with iOS8.

 nextINTERACT Release 4.0.3 (July 2014)

Key Features:

nextINTERACT 4.0.3

Please update nextINTERACT to version 4.0.3 as the following has been updated:

  • new branded icon
  • new easier way to reset passwords
  • updated [Navigation Bar] with less frequently used tabs moved to [Settings]
  • added [Email Support] button

 nextINTERACT Release 3.1.2 (February 2014)

Please update your nextINTERACT app to version 3.1.2 as the following new feature is available:

Trade Show Display Lock

Deploying the trade show display lock keeps the asset in view mode ensuring it can only be exited with a user defined password. 

This is perfect for a trade display stand, where you want to limit a third party viewer’s access to specific information.

 nextINTERACT Release 3.1.1 (December 2013)

Please update your nextINTERACT app to version 3.1.1 as the following has been updated:

  • Fixed minor interface refreshing issue in Home Screen when running under iOS7.
  • Fixed a navigation issue in assets created in a specific manner.

 nextINTERACT Release 3.1 (October 2013)

Please update your nextINTERACT app to version 3.1 as the following has been updated:

  • Quick Draw Mode: You can now enable Drawing Mode by a 2 finger double tap in ANY brochure type and engage your audience further.
  • Search Bar: We now have a search bar added to the main library and resources, to allow for easier navigation to obtain a particular brochure.

 nextINTERACT Release 3.0 (August 2013)
A new interface which offers more flexibility and ease of use
  • Ability for companies to brand their own nextINTERACT app;
  • Library can be viewed by list of contents or by shelf (icons);
  • Easy access to contacts / updates;
  • Easily identify when newly updated material is available; plus many more..... 
Correlating marketing interactions with selling activity brings closed loop marketing one step closer
  • Contacts can be managed centrally on the CMS or downloaded from your CRM;
  • Can be organised into Bricks and Territories;
  • Synchronised to the iPad so that you only see what you need;
  • Users can easily locate the contact they are visiting;
  • Start and end call instructions are discreet and easy to follow;
  • Upon completing the call, the operator can add notes;
  • Data on the call; notes, start and end time, asset activity by page; can now be uploaded to the CRM
  • For the first time closed loop marketing – the impact of a piece of collateral on sales activity – can be measured
CMS administrators can now obtain consistent standards by centrally determining the folder structure for operators
  • Folders structure and naming convention are thought through centrally;
  • Names or colour codes can be used to determine categories;
  • They magically appear on everyone’s iPad;
  • Operators retain the ability to create and add their own folders to suit their own personal need 
New features to our Smart PDF assets which will increase and enhance their interactivity
  • Ability to optionally annotate (highlight, strike through, scribble, sign/signature, stamps and more) documents;
  • Use nextINTERACT as a reviewing platform for all your upcoming collateral;
  • You can optionally bookmark pages, optionally print pages;
  • Turn your asset into an auto-paging or even a teleprompter device;
  • Plug it into a big screen from your iPad;
  • Larger thumbnail scrubber, per asset notes, and a ton of new/enhanced interact custom tags to make creating SmartPDF’s even better.
Additional asset types/enhancements to create more options and choice
  • Calendar events, easily manage Reference Libraries with large number of PDF’s;
  • Compatibility with third party systems material
Existing asset types have been enhanced too, including:
  • a-z index scrubber for Reference Library;
  • Enhanced pdf viewer via html asset including support for jumping to a specific page of a pdf;
  • Section title separators for content menu in 3D model assets;
  • Enhancements to pdf assets via Interact tags;
  • Support background tasks, allowing offline data collected to be submitted to a server when internet connectivity is established again. Great for trade stands or poor internet reception zones.

 nextINTERACT Release 2.5.4 (February 2013)
  • Updated an asset format framework which would show an unexpected alert under certain situations
  • Tuned some reporting code

 nextINTERACT Release 2.5.3 (January 2013)

  • Fixed tap to start video compatibility with an asset type on iOS6
  • Minor enhancements to PDF asset type.

 nextINTERACT Release 2.5.2 (January 2013)

  • Fixed orientation issues in iOS6 for certain assets