The Distribution menu contains teams with the associated users and assets for the teams and users with access to specific assets.

Distribution also allows for adding and removing of users to teams as well as assets to teams and users, see below on how to complete this.

Distribution by Team

1. Click [nextINTERACT]

2. Click [Distribution]

3. Click [By Team]

4a. Click [Add]

4b. Enter a Name

4c. Enter a Description

4d. Click [Save]

5a. Select your team

5b. Click [Edit]

5c. Update the name

5d. Update the Description

6. Click [Users] to assign and unassign users

7. Click [Assets] to assign and unassign content

8. Click [Folders] to add and delete public and private folders

9. Click [Save]

Distribution by User

1. Click [nextINTERACT]

2. Click [Distribution]

3. Click [By User]

4. Select a User

5. Select Asset/s

6. Click [Assign>>]

NOTE: If you assign an asset to a connection and the asset name displays in red coloured text under the heading of Assigned asset(s) for selected user. This will indicate that the user already has access to the asset you have just assigned.