The below contains some short-cuts to topics covered in the myINTERACT training with links to more detailed information.


- Register

- Log In

- Change Password

- 3D touch Menu (iOS)

- Unload Individual Assets (Android)

- Notification Emails

- Compare myINTERACT features across different devices

- Push notifications for Connections and Events

- Convert Microsoft Office Documents to PDF

- Scan QR Code

- Search for Assets

- Favourites

- Unmark Favourite Assets

- Log Out


- Connections

- Connections Invitation

- Re-arrange Connections

- Connection Wall

- Delete a Connection

- Navigate between Connections

- Refresh a Wall

- View Assets

- Close an Asset

- Enter a Passcode for a Connection


- Events

- Navigate to Events

- Event Invitations

- Post-Event Invitations

- Event Wall

- Change Attendance Status

- Delete an Event

- Enter a Passcode for an Event

- Free up disk space

- Event Agenda

- Event Speaker Bio

User Settings

- Automatically Download content when connected to Wi-Fi

- User Profile

Additional Content:

Smart Library

- Using tags to search in Smart Library

- Using the title to search in Smart Library

- Using the filter in Smart Library

- Upload content to Smart Library as Uploader

- Upload content to a Smart Library as a Publisher

Asset Selector

- Assign content from Asset Selector

- Unassign content from Asset Selector