Mention an Asset in the daily e-newsletter

Modified on Mon, 23 Oct, 2023 at 5:49 PM

SAM sends out a daily notification email with any changes & updates of assets. The newsletter goes out daily at 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).


Connections with the following Invite Status receive the newsletter:

  • 'Accepted'
  • 'Pending', if they are registered myINTERACT users

Connections with the following Invite Status don't receive the newsletter:

  • 'Not Yet Invited', 'Cancelled', 'Rejected' or 'Expired'
  • 'Pending', if they haven't completed registration for myINTERACT


The order in which assets are sorted in the newsletter is based on 2 factors:

  • Randomised company order
  • Assets are listed in order of Most Recently Modified to Least Recently Modified

For more details on the email that the connection receives please check here.

To ensure your asset is mentioned in this newsletter complete the below:

1. Click [myINTERACT]

2. Click [My Assets]

3. Select your asset

4. Click [Edit]

5. Check the box for Include in Daily Email Newsletter

6. Enter a message for the email to contain (if left blank it will simply be populated with the Tile Header and Tile Body).

7. Click [Save]

If events is activated in SAM any assets that are configured to go out in the daily email newsletter will now display differently if they are configured to event or not. See the below email example:

Performance metrics are available for these emails and tags are automatically generated. To learn more click here.

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