This article will help explain the various points and terms used when adding a new Smart Library to SAM.  To add a new Smart Library follow the steps below:

Tags, Folders and Labels are all optional items that can be configured after initially setting up the Smart Library.

Tags are used for users with the ability to upload content and apply various versions of search parameters for the content they are uploading. These are not visible to the End User but will assist with searching for specific content.

Folders are used to assist in departmentalising content into categories. An example of this is to place certain content into certain streams or particular medical fields i.e. Oncology, Haematology, etc.

Filters are used as a pre-defined list of search parameters for content for example specifying sub-divisions of content and will be displayed when the End User chooses to filter content and are selectable.

NOTE: when adding any Tag, Folder or Filter after typing in a string press 'Tab' to add it.

NOTE: See the above for an example of how best to utilise the Tags, Folders and Filters.

To configure a subfolder o your previously created main folder, complete the below steps:

NOTE: Please ensure that you read the description of each role before assigning it to the user.