Deep-linking hyperlinks are used to provide direct access to an asset via a hyperlink externally from the app. If you are already logged in and have the app installed then the re-direction will be instant however, if you do not have the app installed or have the app installed and are signed out then you will need to log in.

The below will explain the various components of configuring such a hyperlink that will re-direct the end user to the app and asset.

  • id=ASSET_ID (id), this can be obtained through SAM by clicking 'More...' on My Assets>Edit Asset screen

  • cid=COMPANY_ID (cid), contact your Interact Account Manager to obtain this information

  • eUUID=EVENT_UUID (eventUUID), this can be obtained through SAM by clicking 'More...' on My Events>Edit Event screen

  • path=PATH_TO_THING_IN_BROCHURE_CONTENTS, such as a specific page Number)

  • switchWall=0|1

See an example line below:

PDF Asset

HTML Asset

NOTE: These links will not work as an asset on a wall. When linking to Smart Library Assets the asset will automatically download and open.