Push notifications from myINTERACT app

Modified on Tue, 26 May, 2020 at 1:56 PM

There are two methods you can send out push notifications to your connections:

1. Via the Shared Asset Manager (SAM)

2. Via the push notifications admin asset on the myINTERACT app which can be access by mobile, tablet or desktop.

Once pushing out a notification, all connections who receive it will be able to access the notification via the notification centre on their myINTERACT app.

Pushing notifications from SAM is best used when you are wanting to deep link to either a specific asset or piece of content within a SmartLibrary. Deep linking means that when any user taps on the notification from the notification centre the asset or piece of content associated with it will automatically open. 

Push notifications sent from the myINTERACT app is best used when you have numerous push notification administrators (who do not require access to SAM) or when you have specific messaging for specific teams. This method also allows flexibility to send from any device be that mobile, tablet or desktop. 

The below instructions detail how to setup push notifications from the myINTERACT app: 

  1. Ask your account manager to add the frontend push notification asset on your connection wall 
  2. Set up a dedicated admin team (if you have not already done so) in the Distribution tab in SAM. Assign the push notification asset to this team as well as the individuals you wish to send push notifications. Note: only those who have been assigned the asset we will be able to use it. Make sure this asset is not assigned to end users. 
  3. Ensure all individuals who you desire to have push notification admin rights, have had this function enabled by your account manager. You can also contact support@interact.technology to set this up. 

Instructions on how to send push notifications from the myINTERACT app:

  1. Go to the myINTERACT app (desktop, iPhone or Android) and select the push notification admin asset (below).

2. The push notification will look like the below. You can write up to 750 characters. Note: only 30-40 characters will display on your users lock screen of their mobile devices, so it is best to begin your message with the most important part of the alert first. 

3. There is the option to draft a push notification, save it, and send at a later point. To do this, select save message (below) and you can revisit the notification at a later point via the envelop button on the top righthand corner (below)

4. To revisit your saved messages, select the envelope button on the top right hand corner (above). Here, you will be able to see past messages already sent from the frontend asset as well as saved messages pending being sent (below)

5. Select the team(s) you wish to send the push notification to (below)

6. Send message!

7. Push notifications will send to all users who have push notifications for myINTERACT enabled. They can revisit the push notification at any point via the notification centre (below)

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