Events have the ability to send push notifications to attendees.

The notifications will only be sent out to attendees with invited status 'Accepted' and attendance status 'Yes'. 

To send a notification in myINTERACT navigate to [myINTERACT]> [My Events], select the relevant event, click on the [Edit Event] button then follow the steps below.

  1. Click [My Events]
  2. Select an event
  3. Click [Edit]
  4. Click [Notifications]
  5. Click [Add]

Depending if you are using teams in the event or not this will then trigger one of the below windows

NOTE: when using teams you must select at least one team before typing and sending out the notification

When writing your notification please adhere to the character limit of 120 characters.

Once you have typed out your notification click the [Send] button and it will record an audit of the notification.