Convert double-sided pages to single pages

Modified on Tue, 26 Jul 2016 at 10:46 AM

There are multiple approaches to convert double-sided pages to single pages. Below are the steps that uses Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to do this:

  1. Duplicate the PDF twice, this should result in 1 original backup file and 2 copies. Name the 2 new files PDF_right and PDF_leftreferring to the pages.
  2. Open the PDF that will contain the right pages PDF_right with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Use [Tools] > [More] > [Set Page Boxes].
  3. The dialogue window will display the whole page dimensions. Divide the width of the page by 2, this will be the single page width.
  4. Enter this so calculated single page width in [Margin Controls] > [Left] and select [Page Range all] to apply this for all pages.
  5. Save the document.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for the PDF of the left pages PDF-Left, but set the margin control on the right.
  7. Now there are two PDFs, one containing the left pages and one containing the right pages. Open both of the PDFs and display the page thumbnails.
  8. Select, drag and drop the pages from one PDF into the other and then go to [Tools] > [Protection] > [Remove Hidden Information].
  9. Save the document as the final single pages PDF.

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