I have many large videos/resources. What is the best approach to add them in an Asset?

Modified on Thu, 26 Apr 2018 at 01:41 PM

All videos should be optimised and reduced in size before loading them to INTERACT, so end-users have a good experience downloading or streaming videos. INTERACT recommends Handbrake for this, which is a free, open source software that runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).


If you have many or large videos in a myINTERACT asset, it might be best to keep the asset light, and stream the videos from Youtube or Vimeo.


If you intend to add large videos into a HTML asset, it may be better to load the video into the resource section of nextINTERACT and then sourcing the video from this folder. The code to link to an asset in the resource folder is ../../../file_name.mp4

The advantage in keeping large assets separate from the HTML assets is that it allows you to make small changes to the asset without the user having to download all of the assets again.

  1. Add the videos to the Resources section via SAM (as unzipped files)
  2. SAM will then rename the videos to incorporate the asset number as a prefix eg "video1.mp4" will become "[1234]video1.mp4"
  3. The number prefixed to the name is the asset ID number in SAM (Without this the asset cannot be tracked and updated automatically.)
  4. Unless you amend the links in the asset for the renames then the nextINTERACT application won’t recognise and play the videos
  5. Hence you will need to update the asset for the name including the prefixed number

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