SmartDeck is a presentation or slide deck that you can customise, save, and recall – making it specific to your audience.

An asset that allows a master set of interactive slides to be produced, which you can edit and shuffle without losing any interactivity. Useful for providing tailored and/or refreshed presentation material to your audience.


  • Unlimited customised versions
  • Supports interactive elements via SmartPDF
  • Content is tailored to audience prior to meeting or presentation
  • Always have a copy of the master deck

  • Add a page (at the end of the PDF) between SmartDeck asset versions
  • Rename a page in TOC between SmartDeck asset versions
  • Change page content of the PDF between SmartDeck asset version
  • SmartPDF links to jump between pages should utilise named pages, and not page numbers, so when creating a slide variation the 5th page may become the first page.

  • Remove a page from the end of the PDF between SmartDeck asset versions. This is neither supported nor recommended, as previously saved slide variations might have the last page included, but it won't be available in the updated asset version. Also it will result in unpredictable app behaviour.
  • Remove a page from anywhere within the SmartDeck between SmartDeck asset versions
  • Re-order pages between SmartDeck asset version