When connections are assigned to a new team, it is possible to notify them, via a personalised push notification, that they now have access to additional content. This is useful in a number of scenarios. For example, when connections are invited to a team with minimal content to first be validated before they are granted full access to your content. 

Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature. 

To assign and notify follow these steps

1. Click [myINTERACT]

2. Click [My Distribution]

3. Click [By Team]

4. Click on the team you wish to assign the connection 

5. Click on [Connections]

6. Click on radio button [Not in this Team]

7. Select the connections you wish to assign 

8. Click [Assign and notify]

9. Click [Disable standard message] to personalise the push notification 

10. Click [Send]

11. Check message and click [Send]