For information on the different settings in the Asset Packager, please see below. To find out specific information of which features are supported on which devices check out INTERACT supported asset types and features.


Asset Type: HTML

Asset Name: nextINTERACT asset title; for myINTERACT this can be overwritten in SAM.

HTML Folder: Select the root folder of the HTML. HTML can run offline. Files such as JavaScript, stylesheets and media should be included to enable offline access.

Loading page: The default file to load when the asset is opened.

Asset thumbnail: Select the thumbnail to represent the asset on the INTERACT platform. Find more information on thumbnail sizes here.

Supported Orientations: Specify if this asset should be displayed in landscape, portrait or both orientations.

Additional Features:

  • Display Back Button: Same functionality as a browser's back button.
  • Display Status Bar: If enabled, the top status bar is displayed in the asset.