Page Level Tracking reports are non-standard reports that can be created upon request to your Account Manager at Interact Technology.

Page Level Tracking reports can provide information such as the time spent viewing a specific page. 

The below will explain what can be tracked in Smart Library within the application version not the desktop version of myINTERACT application.

  • Who opened the asset
  • The exact page name that was accessed
  • What links the user tapped and opened
  • Page rating of what the user rated the content of between 1 and 5
  • Favourited content that a user selected
  • Search terms used by the end user to locate content within the Library
  • Search By, any tags or filters the the end user used to  locate content within the Library
  • Times a certain bit of content was opened within the Library
  • Un-downloaded content that users removed
  • Closed content that users stopped viewing