How to upload files to a Smart Library from myINTERACT

Modified on Thu, 06 Apr 2023 at 12:40 PM

One great way you can save time by using myINTERACT is by enabling assignments (To learn how to do so, click here). Once enabled, an individual or all users, can upload content to myINTERACT, instead of having to log in to the Shared Asset Manager (SAM) platform each time. This article will take you through how to upload a file to a Smart Library within myINTERACT:

Step 1: Log into myINTERACT

The first step is to log in to myINTERACT and open the Smart Library that you would like to upload too. Once this is done, you should see a screen similar to the following:

Note: The text in between the single quotation marks is the name of the Smart Library.

Step 2: Decide upon which type of content you would like to upload

As indicated in the screenshot above, your next step is to decide whether you would like to upload a URL or any of the other accepted file types*. If you would like to upload a PDF for example, click 'Upload files'. You will then need to find the file on your computer and select it to upload.

If you would like to create a URL entry into the Smart Library, then select 'Add URL'

If you selected URL by accident, but actually meant to upload a PDF, then select 'Delete' at the bottom of the page and vice versa if you selected upload file, but meant to upload a url.

You can also drag and drop your file from your computer onto myINTERACT in order to upload.

Once you have successfully uploaded a file, or selected url, Step 2 of the screen should then become available like so:

Step 3: Enter any details around the Smart Library entry that you would like to

As you may have noticed in the above screenshot, the title and description have been automatically populated for us based on what the file was called when it was uploaded. We can now work to update this as well as any other details like:

  • Adding an author
  • A thumbnail (A tile to represent the Smart Library entry)
  • Any tags (Keywords to help others find the entry)
  • Choosing a folder for this entry to appear in (In the screenshot above, the entry will appear as soon as the Smart Library is opened)
  • And choosing whether you would like others to download the entry (If it is a file, e.g. PDF, png or ppt)

To edit any of these fields, simply click into them and start modifying until you see fit.

Then click Save or Save and Notify, to save your new Smart Library entry.

This is where the difference between Publisher and Uploader comes into effect. To view the article on the differences, click here.

*As we cannot guarantee that custom fonts, images and layouts are retained, we recommend converting Microsoft Office documents (.doc/docx, .xls/xlsx and .ppt/pptx) to PDF.  File size limit is 512 MB.  For more information click here.

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