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To add or edit event Details complete the below:

1. Click [My Events]

2. Click [Add]

3. Click [Event Details]

4. Populate the mandatory fields

5. Click [Save]

NOTE: Any fields marked with a * are mandatory fields and must be populated

The [Event Details] tab requires a range of information

1) Event Name - Name of the event that is being hosted.
2) Event Type - Used to define the type of event and can be used for analytics later.
3) Event Details - A blurb of what the event will cover and contain.
4) Venue - The location of where the event will be hosted, for more information on this click

5) Event Flyer - A PDF with information of the event, for more details on this click here.

6) URL - A link to the event's external webpage (if any).
7) Start Date/Time - The beginning date and time of the event.
8) End Date/Time -  The finishing date and time of the event.
9) Timezone - The countries timezone the event is being hosted in.
10) Event Status - This signifies if the event is in a status of:

  • Draft: the event is still being finalised and edited.
  • Active: the event has been finalised and invites can now be sent to  all guests.
  • Cancelled: the event has been called off by the organiser.
  • Deleted: the event has been removed and all invited guests informed.

11) Upload Event Logo - The specific events logo which will appear in apps and emails. If no event logo is uploaded the emails and app will use your company's logo instead. For more information on the event logo click here.

12) Default Team Wall - This allows you to simultaneously connect event attendees to a team on your main connection wall. For more information on this click here.

13) Disable event registration emails - Allows you disable or switch off registration emails. For more information click here.

14) Finally there is one more detail on this page that requires an explanation and that is the [More...] link.  It contains details specific to the event itself like the event ID, event QR UUID, Date and Time event was created, User ID of who created the event., Date and Time event was last modified, User ID of who edited the event last.

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