By now you would have noticed something new when you open myINTERACT app on your mobile device*, in that there are 2 viewing options in the top menu - myConnections and myEvents. This new functionality has been added because INTERACT Technology recognises the importance of meetings, trade shows and conferences in healthcare, and we have developed a meetings module that is tailored to industry needs.


Get the most out of your INTERACT-enabled event by improving it every step of the way:

  • Send out invitations pre-event that automatically connect users to your wall,
  • Once this connection is made, all the tools that users need to participate fully in the event are right there on their device,
  • Send push notifications to event attendees to alert them of developments and promote certain activities,
  • Follow up post-event with the presentations and other info that will keep them coming back
  • Maximise the longevity of the value you create at your event by using the enduring connection to maintain a coordinated communications campaign.

Lift the professionalism of even the smallest events, and help users keep track of events associated with myINTERACT connections, so that you never miss an INTERACT-enabled event again. There are also many plugins available to maximise engagement during your events - such as speaker bios, schedulers and planners with note-taking capabilities, posters & abstracts, polling, and social Q&A - to enhance the meeting experience.

Ask us today to make your next event INTERACT-enabled and email us at

* If you haven’t noticed any change, then chances are that you are still using an older version of myINTERACT. Please visit the 

App Store: 
or Google Play: 

to update your version of myINTERACT. (at least iOS v 4.4, Android v1.4)