Before inviting guests to your event you need to create attendees. There are 4 options to add attendees:

- Add a new attendee - for more information click here
- Select attendees from existing contacts - shown below

- Select attendees from previous events - for more information click here
- Import attendees from CSV file - for more information click here

Complete the below to add attendees from exisiting contacts:

1. Click [myINTERACT]

2. Click [My Events]

3. Select your event

4. Click [Edit]

5. Click [Attendees]

6. Click [Add]

7. Select [Select Attendee(s) from exisiting Contact(s)]

8. Click [Next]

9. Locate your contact

10. Check the box

11. Click [Add Selected Attendee(s)]

12. Click [Done]

NOTE: In step 3 you can either select individual contact(s) or you can utilise the [Select] feature.