The below instructions will guide you on how to configure an events agenda for an event. 

1. Click [Agenda]

2. Click [Settings]

3. Set details of the Agenda as well as the Colour Scheme

4. Click [Save]

5. Populate the mandatory fields

6. Click [Presentation Details]

Tips for completing CSV template:

  • TYPE column only accepts values SESSION or PRESENTATION
  • There must be SESSION data on previous rows before creating a PRESENTATION
  • A PRESENTATION must be within Session's DATE and TIME
  • SESSION_TYPE column only accepts values SESSION or BREAK
  • Accepted DATE format is yyyy-mm-dd e.g. 2018-07-23
  • Accepted TIME format is 24 hours e.g. 00:00-23:59
  • Create Streams or Teams in the STREAM{NUMBER}_NAME columns e.g. STREAM1_NAME, STREAM9_NAME
  • Create Speakers in the SPEAKER{NUMBER}_* columns e.g PERSON1_TITLE, PERSON1_NAME, PERSON1_TYPE
  • Create Event Rooms in the ROOM{NUMBER}_NAME column e.g. ROOM3_NAME
  • It is possible to bulk import SPEAKERS, ROOMS and STREAMS individually without populating other data columns

Please note that agenda CSV imports deletes any existing agenda data before import.

IMPORTANT: For more information on importing Sessions, Streams, Speakers, Rooms, Session Groups and  URL's click here

7. Click [Add]

8. Populate the mandatory fields

9. Click [Add], upon clicking this and a Speaker has been added you will need to choose their role of Chairperson, Moderator or Speaker

10. Click [Stream]

11. Click [Add]

12. Populate the mandatory fields

13. Click [Add]

14. Click [Speakers]

15. Click [Add]

16. Populate the mandatory fields

17. Click [Add]

18. Click [Rooms]

19. Click [Add]

20. Populate the mandatory fields

21. Click [Add]

IMPORTANT: The above Speakers are used to populate information both in the Agenda and Speaker Bio content

22. Click [Session Groups]

23. Click [Add]

24. Populate the mandatory fields

25. Click [Add]

26. Click [URLs]

27. Click [Add]

28. Populate the mandatory fields

29. Click [Add]

Once you have configured all these settings complete the below to create the relevant asset(s).

1. Click [Agenda]

2. Click [Sessions]

3. Click [Create Agenda Asset]

4. Populate the mandatory fields

5. Upload a tile image or select one

6. Click [Save]

7. Click [Create Speaker Bio Asset]

8. Populate the mandatory fields

9. Upload a tile image or select one

10. Click [Save]

11. Click [Assets]

12. Both Assets are then assigned to the event but are still required to be assigned to Teams