The below instructions will guide you on how to configure an events agenda for an event. 

Tips for completing CSV template:
  • TYPE column only accepts values SESSION or PRESENTATION
  • There must be SESSION data on previous rows before creating a PRESENTATION
  • A PRESENTATION must be within Session's DATE and TIME
  • SESSION_TYPE column only accepts values SESSION or BREAK
  • Accepted DATE format is yyyy-mm-dd e.g. 2018-07-23
  • Accepted TIME format is 24 hours e.g. 00:00-23:59
  • Create Streams or Teams in the STREAM{NUMBER}_NAME columns e.g. STREAM1_NAME, STREAM9_NAME
  • Create Speakers in the SPEAKER{NUMBER}_* columns e.g PERSON1_TITLE, PERSON1_NAME, PERSON1_TYPE
  • Create Event Rooms in the ROOM{NUMBER}_NAME column e.g. ROOM3_NAME
  • It is possible to bulk import SPEAKERS, ROOMS and STREAMS individually without populating other data columns

Please note that agenda CSV imports deletes any existing agenda data before import.

IMPORTANT: For more information on importing Sessions, Streams, Speakers, Rooms, Session Groups and  URL's click here

IMPORTANT: The above Speakers are used to populate information both in the Agenda and Speaker Bio content

Once you have configured all these settings please contact Interact Technology to then configure the relevant Agenda and Speaker Bio's Assets for you.