'Discoverable Connections' is a feature transforming the way healthcare professionals discover you and your content, support and other digital functionality.

What this means for your wall

If you have added 'discoverable connections' functionality to your wall, it can be listed under 'Suggested Connections' on the myINTERACT homepage. 
This enables users of myINTERACT to connect with your wall. To ensure only relevant users of myINTERACT are seeing the option to connect to your wall then you can configure criteria a user must fulfil in order for your connection to be suggested. You can also add further steps to verify users who see your connection if needed.


For your wall to display as a discoverable connection to end-users the following things need to be configured in SAM:


  1. Company Details, including company description
  2. Company Branding, including a company banner
  3. User criteria, including any whitelists you wish to add


Userguides for configuring the above settings can be found in the "Discoverable Connections" folder on this support site. If you need any further assistance please contact your account manager or support@interact.technology and reference Discoverable Connection and your wall name. 

SAM Configurations - Company Details and Branding

The information, about your discoverable connection, shown on the myINTERACT end-user interface pulls from SAM. 
The following screenshots show you where to edit information in SAM and where it appears on the myINTERACT UI.

Log into SAM and click through the following steps:
1 > Admin tab

2 > Company tab

3 > Company details

Here you can edit fields like Contact Name and Email, you may want to use "Support" or similar for the name.

Then click into: 

4 > Company Branding

Here you can upload your company banner, it needs to be 1536 x 432 pixels.

Click images to open them in full screen.

The below image shows where fields A-D in SAM appear on the myINTERACT UI.

SAM Configurations - User Criteria

Configure criteria that myINTERACT users must fulfil in order to see your organisation as a suggested connection.

Log into SAM and click through the following steps:

1 > Admin 

2 > Discoverable Connections 

Here you will see any existing user criteria, you can use the pencil icon (3) to edit them and the plus icon to add new criteria.

Adding new criteria

Click the plus icon and the following window will appear. 

1 > Only fields with a red asterisk are required

2 > Filling out the optional fields on the LHS will refine which users see your discoverable connection. You can set the criteria based on one or all of the following: country, profession and speciality. You can also require a medical identifier.

3 > The default status of a criteria is 'Active', you can switch this to 'Inactive' at any stage if you no longer want certain users to view your discoverable connection

4 > Select which team/s you want these users to join when they connect to your discoverable connection

5 > Assign keywords so that your discoverable connection returns in user searches

6 > The default for 'Validation Required' is 'No'. See below for action required when set to 'Yes'

Validation required

If you switch this to 'Yes' then when a user opts to connect, the company info page will say 'Pending Request', the user receives an email confirming their request to connect is pending and the allocated administrator will receive an email saying 'User X has requested to join your wall', similar to below:

Following this, the administrator must log into SAM and invite the user (see steps below).

Or if the user is not valid then the administrator can email them to explain they have not been granted access to the wall. 

Inviting a validated user to their requested team
Having received the email user-request to connect, log into SAM and click through the following steps:

1 > myINTERACT tab

2 > My Connections tab

3 > Search for the pending connection by first name, last name or email, supplied to you in the user-request email

4> Click 'Edit' in 'Invite Action' column

The following window will appear. Select the teams the user should go into and click 'Next'.

The following window will appear. 

Click 'Confirm Invite', the user will receive an email confirming their invitation to connect fully and the connection will be listed under 'Pending connections' in the 'Connections' tab on their myINTERACT app.

NB. Deleting user criteria will NOT delete the connections who have previously joined under it.