User Roles

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To assign user roles to a user in SAM, complete the below:

1. Click [Admin]

2. Click [User Roles]

3. Click [Add]

4. Select your user

5. Set the desired User Roles

6. Click [Save]


This role has full access to manage the SAM account for the company they are associated with. They can manage products, assets, users, teams, etc.


Once assigned to a team, an iPad user will receive the assets that have been allocated to their team. Within SAM, users with this user role have restricted access and can only change their password.


This type of user is able to see assets that have the status ‘Preview Mode’ and ‘Active’. These users only have permission to change their password in SAM.


This type of user is able to document the distribution of samples to Health Care Professionals in the application. Is only relevant if you are utilising the Sample App Manager and Administrator Assets.

Push Notification

Push notification assets introduce extra User Roles that can only be configured by an Interact Technology Account Manager. The User Roles introduced are separated into 2 different paths of Event Push Notification and Team Push Notification. This is to cover the use of the Push Notifications within an event as well as a push notification asset configured outside of an event.

The roles are defined as per the below naming:

  • Enable Event Push Notification Role
  • Enable Team Push Notification Role

If you would like to set up more users with access to send push notifications please contact your Interact Technology Account Manager

Smart Library

The introduction of the Smart Library also adds User Roles specific to the asset. These roles control what the user can do when interacting with this asset, the below will explain the 4 roles:

NOTE: Please contact Interact Technology support to configure the Reviewer User Role.

SmartLibrary Administrator

The Smart Library Administrator allows the user to login to SAM with access to only Smart Library content. Please contact Interact Technology support to configure this User Role.

When the user is in SAM they will be able to Add, Edit and Delete Smart Libraries as well as accept and reject content uploaded by other users with the Uploader Role assigned.

There are limitations when configuring the above roles for a user as follows:

  • Uploader's can only have this role by itself for Smart Library
  • Publisher's can be configured with the additional role of Reviewer.
  • Reviewer's can be configured with the additional role of Publisher, please contact Interact Technology Support to configure this user role.

NOTE: An end user can be configured with any of these roles to various companies, for example:

A user can be a Uploader in Company A, the same user can be a Publisher in Company B and can also be a Reviewer in Company C

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