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Modified on Mon, 15 Mar 2021 at 05:10 PM

Duplication of Data

In Shared Asset Manager (SAM) users/connections and assets are organised into teams to segment content. However, myINTERACT applications track user and asset usage rather than team usage because on devices there is no concept of teams i.e. it is irrelevant to a user that they are assigned to teams. This creates a potential issue when running reports where assets and/or users/connections are assigned to multiple teams as usage may be overstated.


myINTERACT/nextINTERACT on mobile device

Connection/User and asset assigned to Team 1 and opens ‘Form’ asset once which generates the following results:

The same connection/user and asset is now assigned to Team 2 and the asset is opened once generating the following results:

Although the asset was only opened once, under Team 2 the report indicates that the asset has been opened twice as it totals the number of times that particular asset has been

opened regardless of team allocation.

Please note this duplication will only occur when assets and/or connections/users are assigned to multiple teams so please be mindful of this when generating usage reports.

myINTERACT Desktop

myINTERACT reports that detail usage i.e. times opened and duration may generate a nil entry against ‘Total_Minutes_Opened’ displayed as follows:

When there is a figure for times asset opened but no duration it indicates that the user/connection accessed the content via myINTERACT Desktop as only ‘Times_Asset_Opened’ is tracked. To record an event such as open rates, the event begins when the asset is opened and concludes then the asset is closed via the close button. Duration is not tracked on Desktop because there is a risk that the browser window close button is used to exit an asset rather than the applications close button within the asset making it difficult to capture the end of viewing time and therefore cannot be accurately recorded.

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