When attempting to execute a nextINTERACT or myINTERACT report and the data contains unicode such as a copyright/trademark symbol opening the file with Excel does not display correctly when opening the .csv file directly.

To open the file in Excel without the unicode being displayed incorrectly complete the below steps:

1. Save the .csv report but do not open it in Excel 

2. Open a new Microsoft Excel sheet

3. Navigate to the [Data] tab in Excel

4. Under the heading of Get External Data click [Text]

5. Locate your .csv file and click [Get Data]

6. In the Import wizard select the following: 

- Delimited

- Start import at row: 1

- File Origin: 65001 unicode UTF-8/Unicode 6.3 UTF-8

Then click [Next]

7. Check the box for Comma under Delimiters

8. Click [Finish]

9. In the Import Data box select existing sheet and ensure that it begins in cell =$A$1 and click [OK]

This will then display the report correctly